And I hate that.

Excuse me while I complain for a second, but I’m really irked today. Over a chicken. A chicken named Chica.

Controversial Chicken

Little T loves Chica. I think it’s because Chica’s voice sounds like a kazoo and Little T loves blowing on his kazoo. So, imagine my excitement when I saw a commercial on Sprout advertising that they are selling a Chica plush for 15$. I rushed over to Amazon to purchase Chica for my little babycakes so he could have it for Christmas, and was shocked when I saw that the price is now a whopping 54.40. I love the forty cents they tagged on. How they came up with the last 40 cents, I don’t know. It’s like that extra forty cents is the icing on the cake. If you’re going to price gauge us, at least charge us 54.99 or something.

Apparently, some heartless Scrooge bought all of the Chica plushes online and decided to sell them for a profit so they could take advantage of parents who want to give their kids a gift they’ll love. I’m just glad Little T isn’t old enough to realize they are selling Chica dolls, because then I’d have to explain that we can’t get a Chica doll. Sprout and Amazon should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to happen. Rawr, or maybe a Bah Humbug would be more appropriate. You’re all going to get coal in your stockings.



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