Sometimes people mistake what Little T is saying. For example, the other day we were at a race to support Big T, and Little T saw a giant horse and pointed. Everyone thought he was saying, “Look at that cool horse, I want to snuggle it!” But it turns out he was really saying, “OMGWTF THERE’S A GIANT HORSE WALKING AROUND. ARE YOU PEOPLE SEEING THIS!?”

His terror became more apparent when the horse decided to come over and say hi. Poor Little T, I’m guessing this means we won’t be having cute pictures with any Disney characters in the future?

Little T did enjoy the cheerleaders and the band. He was dancing and singing shouting along with everyone. He liked the drums the best.

At the end of the race, Little T cheered for Big T as he crossed the finish line.

Big T got third place in his age division. šŸ™‚

Miss Piggy came to the race too, but she didn’t have the best time. She was very overwhelmed by the band and noises. She also didn’t understand why we couldn’t chase after everyone who was running in the race. She was glad when it was time to get in the car and go home.

After the race, we went to Cal Poly’s Pumpkin Patch. To tell you the truth, we had a terrible time. The walkways were too narrow and it was so crowded that we could barely move with the stroller. There’s no way we could have taken Little T out of the stroller to walk around and enjoy the booths. Once we got in the pumpkin patch we found an isolated spot and were okay, but it wasn’t worth the chaos it took to get there.

Ah well, there’s always next year.