Monday was a busy day. We had to drive to CHOC to get the results of Little T’s MRI, then we had to drive to the neurologist in another city to go over the results, and then we had to drive to another hospital to visit the burn center. It was a doctor extravaganza! That last sentence makes it sound a lot more fun than it really was, doesn’t it?

There was good news all around! Little T’s MRI came back and everything was great and just like it’s supposed to be! This means he’ll most likely grow out of his hypertonia and there aren’t any serious underlying issues. We thought this would probably be the case because of how much he’s improved, but it’s nice to have the medical documents to reassure us.

At the burn center, Little T was having a great time in the lobby. Now that he’s walking, it’s like he’s discovering a whole new world. His new favorite thing to do is to walk around and point and shout “look!”

Here’s what he wanted me to look at in the lobby:

The flashing exit sign:

A teddy bear:

And a few toys on the table:

We circled the room and he shouted for me to look at the same things over and over again. He’s such a cute little baby.

The burn center took his bandage off and said he had healed up. Isn’t it amazing that skin can grow so quickly? Little T felt his finger, bent it back and forth, and stared at it for the longest time after they took the bandage off. The doctor said he was a smart kid. I might be biased, but I agree, heh heh.

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