I’ve been reborn.

Let me explain. At a picnic today, I saw a bounce house and thought it would be fun for Little T. Little T looked at me a little dubiously, but I assured him it would be awesome.

Little T took one look inside and immediately started to panic.

“What are you, a crazy woman?” He said. There were too many kids behind us to go back the way we came, so we had to move forward.

This was more difficult than I thought. We tumbled down a sinister looking slide, flung scary blow-up clowns out of the way, and fell all over the place as my coordination was seriously tested. Case in point, the image below. We are most definitely not pushed against the side of the window because we were having “fun”.

Poor Little T was terrified, so you can imagine how relieved I felt when I lifted up a flap and saw Big T waiting for us. I told Little T that we were almost there, to which he promptly pushed me aside and shouted “EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF”, and proceeded to crawl over to daddy. Clearly Daddy is the only sane one in this family.

I see how it is, Little T.

I had fallen onto my back behind the flap. The three and four year olds were feeling impatient. One of them said, “what do we do?”

“Jump over her!” Another said.

So I stayed there as a line of toddlers jumped over me, wondering if I’d ever get out.

Something happened to me as I was laying face up in the bounce house, listening to the excitement of the kiddos as they jumped over that “old lady” on the ground. I began to feel a change take place. I army-crawled through the canal of the bounce house towards the slit of light, and emerged feeling reborn. I’ll let the photos of my experience speak for themselves:

Oh Big T, I will get you back for making me post these photos. Ah well. If you can’t laugh at yourself, then who can you laugh at?