Our car was so packed, we could barely fit the baby...

Big T and I used to wonder why people needed big family cars. Okay, so now we get it. Our car was so packed, it’s amazing we were able to make it safely down the street. Next time, we’ll probably leave the wagon.

What made the trip hard was the L.A. traffic. We left at noon, but our five hour trip turned into a seven hour turtle race. Meaning, Little T could have crawled next to the car and gotten there faster than us.

Little T slept for most of the way. Big T and I entertained ourselves by playing categories. You pick a category and take turns coming up with a word for each letter of the alphabet. Every time you can’t think of something, you get a point. The person with the least amount of points by the time you get to Z, wins. What do they win? Respect. Hardy har har.

Here were the categories we used:

1. Harry Potter (surprise, this was my favorite category)

2. Beverages

3. Foods

4. Movie titles

5. Musicians

6. Animals

We’ll have to remember this little game for the next time we tag an extra two+ hours onto our drive.