My mom went home after spending 2 weeks together, and today is my first day on my own again with Little T. I’m sure you all can understand when I say it’s a heck of a lot easier having an extra person around to help take care of a baby. Especially when that person adores Little T as much as I do.

My droopy and baggy eyes are proof that it’s been a difficult morning. Being on my own has reminded me that it’s way harder getting out the door, getting bottles ready, changing diapers (on a squirmy baby that HATES having his diaper changed), and providing entertainment. I’m rushing to get it all done and fix T’s breakfast, so I can sneak in a moment to eat myself. This morning was challenging because T had a hard night and I was exhausted from a lack of sleep. The day started with us taking a walk, and then turning around because I was too tired to walk. Then I spilled Little T’s breakfast on the floor and had to do it all over again. When Little T took his nap after breakfast, instead of eating and cleaning the house, I fell asleep. Little T woke me up because he was crying and I felt like a bad mom for not being there right when he woke up. It took a while to calm T down and get him taken care. After finally getting a chance to make breakfast (I’d already been awake for 4 hours), Little T spilled it on the ground. I was upset and Little T could tell, so he threw his arms and head to the floor and started sobbing. I had to chuckle a bit at the dramatics of it all, but felt bad for my sensitive little baby. I had so many projects planned but that all went out the door, as it often does with the unpredictable life of a parent.

It was just one of those days, where I’m reminded that parenting can be hard and staying at home is tough work. I feel guilty that I ever thought it would be easy. I know we’ll get back into the routine of things. In the meantime, I’ll be over here having an extra cup of coffee.

Grandma G and Baby T