It seemed like the perfect night. My parents were in town to watch Little T for us, I found my old Harry Potter tie from when I waitressed at the Macaroni Grill, and the movie theater let us in at 6:30. If only I would have known how the night was going to end…

My friend came to meet us at the house all dressed up and ready to go. She is my Harry Potter partner in crime!

We picked up Big T from work and started the long drive to the movie theater at Downtown Disney. It’s our favorite because they let us sit inside instead of having to wait outside in line.

There was a lot of traffic, so it’s a good thing I brought my wand to zap the cars out of the way.

The theater was kind of scary because Lord Voldemort was there.

Voldemort and Umbridge

Luna was more welcoming:

Luna Lovegood

I loved seeing wizards at the snackbar:

Wizard Snacks

When the movie was about to start, I could hardly contain my excitement:


We sat through the first movie and had a great time. We LOVED the second movie, but five minutes before it was over, the person behind me dropped what I thought was a slushy on my head. Yeah, it wasn’t a slushy. More like the effects of too many Bertie Botts Every Flavored Beans. To my horror, the person behind us tapped me on the shoulder and said she’d just thrown up in my hair. She said she’d gotten food poisoning or something and threw up twice during the movie, and couldn’t hold it anymore. My guess is that she felt the urge to throw up, but didn’t leave because it was the end of the movie. I. was. disgusted. I couldn’t even say anything. I mean, how do you even respond to that!? Come on people, I know you love Harry Potter, but if you start throwing up in the theater you should probably leave. I got up and looked at Big T in shock. Kind of like this= 0_0 I had vomit all over me and didn’t know what to do.

Thankfully, two of the people in our group work for Disney weddings and are used to successfully and creatively dealing with bridal day mishaps, or anything else that’s thrown at them. We walked to the Disneyland hotel, they asked for some shampoo and conditioner and a bag for my clothes (thanks Disneyland Hotel for being so understanding), and washed my hair out in the sink (thanks girls), and changed my clothes. I’m glad I brought my pajamas to change into so I’d be comfortable. I’m also glad that I was thrown up on at the end of the movie, instead of the beginning. Erg.

So that’s how my night ended. I got home and took another shower at 3 in the morning and fell asleep with wet icky hair.

I’m going to try and remember all of the good things about the night instead of the end.

Who am I kidding? I’ll always remember the last Harry Potter movie as the film where I got thrown up on. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to sit in front of a person at a movie theater again.