Big T's Birthday Present

I can probably count the number of date night’s we’ve had on one hand, so it was exciting to go out by ourselves for Big T’s birthday. Who am I kidding, we were friggin ecstatic. We made reservations a few months ago for the Chef’s Table at the Napa Rose Restaurant. We’d been to the Napa Rose before, and were impressed when they came up with a memorable vegan meal on the fly that wasn’t just a few pieces of lettuce and a lemon wedge (that particular restaurant in Pasadena has since closed down, thank you very much).

The Chef’s Table is right smack in the middle of all the cooking action, and we felt like we were giving them a Top Chef challenge when we informed our waiter that we were vegan. Chef Sutton, the Executive Chef of the restaurant came over and introduced himself, and asked if there was any food we didn’t like. We told him to have a ball, and that we love all vegan food and are looking forward to eating whatever they create.

Oh man, did he deliver. We wound up with a five course meal that made our taste buds dance with joy. He even made beets roasted in champagne that Big T actually liked. In fact, we saved the beets for the last bite because they were so amazing. Who knew beets could be so good? It was fun watching him prepare the meal in front of us, and he told us about everything he was making.

So, thank you Napa Valley and Chef Sutton for taking our diet and running with it. We left the Chef’s Table full and giddy.

Happy Birthday Hubby