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If you want a nice getaway during Apple Season, make reservations at the Serendipity Bed and Breakfast. You have to do it fast though, because they fill up like crazy. My Mom and I stayed for a night during the Lavender Festival. One night really wasn’t enough though to enjoy all of the charm at the Serendipity Ranch. Next time we’ll have to plan a longer visit.

Serendipity Ranch Bed and Breakfast

There were so many little places to explore here, but our favorite place by far was sitting on the swing on the front porch and looking over the lake at night while the frogs talked back and forth to each other. It’s so weird, the frogs will be so noisy and then stop talking all at once.

In the morning, Nina (the b&b owner) put birdseed out because I really wanted to snap some pictures. I got a lot of great pics, but I had to get the okay from this chipmunk first:

Chipmunk Standoff


Little T’s favorite part of the ranch were the llamas. Nope, they didn’t spit at us, but I’m sure he would have thought it was funny if they did.

The coffee machine was pretty snazzy. They even had blueberry coffee, my all time coffee favorite!

They even made us a delicious breakfast to accommodate our vegan diet. They were such friendly people and we can’t wait to visit again. It was incredibly charming way to spend the weekend.